Saturday, 30 July 2011

the traveller returns

I am back from my holiday and I think I have FINALLY recovered from Benicassim; there was a time on the Monday after the last day of music where I thought I may actually die which wasn't helped by the fact that I was on a local bus in a small Spanish town with approximately 12 minutes to catch my train back to Barcelona. There were almost tears. Despite that small hiccup I had an absolutely amazing time although I refuse to camp again. Living outside for a week in sweltering conditions is not for me; I like air conditioning, and beds, and clean towels. I don't like waking up with ants in my pants, literally. After Spain I spent a few days in the South of France where I did very little except eat ice cream and unsuccessfully hunt for Johnny Depp (he lives in the village I was staying in, I wasn't just going out on a limb). Although I am slightly gutted to be home I am also excited as I start a new job next week! It's all very exciting and I really can't wait to start. I have also come home to some gorgeous weather and have just eaten enough food to sink a small ship off the BBQ, I am definitely gonna have the meat sweats later. Here's a little outfit post debuting my Mulberry, I still haven't got bored of showing her to people/making them smell her. Is it a little weird that I just referred to the bag as a her? Ah well, please excuse the shoddy photo; it was very hot in my garden and I was getting sweaty and irritable. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Blouse, Mink Pink at Urban Outfitters
Shorts, Topshop
Clogs, Schuh
Bag, Mulberry Oversized Alexa

Thursday, 28 July 2011


I have been on a little blogger's holiday, well just an actual holiday really, but I will be back very soon and I have lots of exciting things to bore you all with! So watch this space! Xx

The Strokes, Benicassim 2011

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Top, Skirt, Headband: All TOPSHOP
Unfortunately for me my Dad has gone on holiday and taken with him his camera, so selfish of him. Even worse news is that he rang me yesterday to ask if all the money he had found in the camera case was mine, turns out there was a stash of pound coins in there that I had ceased to discover. Could really have done with the extra pennies for holiday spends! The purpose of this tale, apart from advising you of the importance of ALWAYS checking zipped compartments for money, was to explain why there hadn't been a recent blog update however I found this picture from the other week that I hadn't put up so decided to go for it. The skirt is the Topshop maxi I blogged previously and the top is just a standard cropped ribbed number but my favourite thing about the look is the flower headband. I love the hippy vibe and feel like an over sized flower girl in it, Kate Moss had about a dozen girls in floral head wear in her wedding party and if it's good enough for Mossy it's good enough for me.