Monday, 28 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 6

1. blouse-urban outfitters, bib necklace-primark, jeans-topshop
2. jumper, stained glass effect dress-topshop, bracelet-primark, watch-michael kors
3. woolly jumper-vintage, checked shirt-urban outfitters, leigh jeans-topshop, converse-schuh
4. aztec sweatshirt-topshop, leather look skirt-h&m

A very brief round-up of last week's outfits unfortunately: I had a completely 'bleugh' day in the middle of the week when I wasn't feeling right and quite frankly looked like crap so that's why there are only four midweek photos. As for weekend pictures, I had a massively lazy weekend slobbing about in my pj's, catching up with all my favourite TV programmes and eating bacon rolls and fudge. It was bliss.

I've been buying bits and pieces over the last few weeks but none of them have made their spectacular debut on the blog yet and after weeks of searching I have finally bought a Christmas dress. It's nigh on impossible to find the perfect outfit for the party season and although I'm usually a fan of separates, Christmas is a time where I think a dress is appropriate, and it helps if it's sparkly. The winning dress should be arriving tomorrow so I'll keep you all updated on whether it's THE ONE.

On account of having the inevitable rubbish Sunday night sleep I'm exhausted so I'm going to watch Misfits and have an early night in preparation for terrible Tuesday!


Thursday, 24 November 2011


I got a Tumblr a couple of weeks ago and if I’m honest I still don’t fully understand how it works. It seems to me that the norm is to reblog pictures of beautiful things and this is fine with me as I could spend the rest of my days looking at stunning photographs of waif like models and celebrities. I do worry however that I will get sucked into this visually breathtaking yet vacuous world: I already feel a little bit less attractive having spent my morning intermittently drooling over girls with banging bone structure, incredible jewellery, long hair, and even longer legs. My time on Tumblr may be brief, my sanity is at stake.

You can find my first foray into Tumblr here.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 5

1. coat-vintage, velvet tunic-vintage, leather shorts-topshop
2. jumper-topshop, jeans-uniqlo
3. jacket-topshop, dress-asos
4. jacket, sweatshirt-topshop, utility trousers-next
5. jacket-topshop, ombred jumper-h&m, diamante studded shorts-topshop
6. lace shirt-primark, nude oversized vest-american apparel, jeans-topshop

I can't believe I'm on my 5th #TodayImWearing round-up, it doesn't seem like that long ago I was tentatively trying it out on Twitter. I've found the whole thing to be quite helpful as it means I have made more of an effort to mix up what I wear everyday. I have a tendency to get into a bit of a style rut and wear the same three items every second day: I admit that a few things have snuck in once or twice (in the case of my fur collared Topshop jacket, approximately 100 times) but I have made a conscience effort to fully showcase my wardrobe. The downside to it all? I keep buying new stuff! Oh well.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

mixtape 1

I've just made a playlist and decided I'd post it up on here: that way if there's anything you haven't heard you can give it a listen or you can judge my often questionable music taste! This one is pretty inoffensive but I have to tell you I love Taylor Swift. No shame.

1. Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray
2. We Don't Eat by James Vincent McMorrow
3. Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine
4. Stay Young, Go Dancing by Death Cab For Cutie
5. Midnight City by M83
6. The Reeling by Passion Pit
7. Hurting by Friendly Fires
8. We Found Love by Rihanna, Calvin Harris
9. ScheiBe by Lady Gaga
10. Otis by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Otis Redding
11. Baby Says by The Kills
12. Still Life by The Horrors
13. Undertow by Warpaint
14. Reach A Bit Further by Wild Beasts

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 4

1. t-shirt and OLD high-waisted jeans-topshop, converse-schuh
2. blouse-zara, jeans-topshop
3. jacket-topshop, sequin top-vintage, utility trousers-next, boots-schuh
4. coat-vintage, beaded jumper, jeans-topshop
5. jacket-topshop, spotted dress (worn as top)-h&m, skater skirt-topshop
6. glasses-ray-ban

So here's a cheeky wee round up of what I was wearing this week: as you can see I got new glasses and despite looking like an extra from The Only Way is Dalston in my scenester spectacles I can assure you that the lenses are prescription and anybody who knows me will vouch that I am blind as a bat! I love Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses with their chunky plastic top and wire bottom so I decided they would be the perfect style to have as my regular glasses. I couldn't decide between black or tortoiseshell but in the end I opted for the black so will have to buy the sunglasses in tortoiseshell for next summer! God summer seems so far away...UGH. Anyway that's quite enough self indulgent rambling from me, I've got this week's scandalous episode of Made in Chelsea to catch up on.


Monday, 7 November 2011

all that glitters

Glitter is rife at the moment; even in my office we are surrounded by glitter shoes, glitter backdrops and most recently glitter spray paint (which was massively toxic and should definitely not have been used indoors). Not that I am complaining because lets face it what's not to love about glitter? Not only is it shiny and sparkly and pretty but it's also incredibly Christmassy and I bloody love Christmas. This week saw the introduction of Starbucks Christmas drinks so I think it's fair to say yuletide fun is fast approaching; I made a trip to my favourite shop Hobbycraft this weekend and bought some craft materials to make Christmas cards. Glitter will be making an appearance, obviously. In fashion terms, glorious glitter accessories are where it's at and Miu Miu is certainly sparkling this season; their glitter boots are exactly the right mix of gaudy and glamorous and I want them on my feet NOW. For a more subtle shimmer I'll be wearing glitter nails in rich jewel tones to jazz up day-today outfits.


Sunday, 6 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 3

1. silk t-shirt-topshop, jeans-uniqlo, bib necklace-primark
2. jacket with fur collar-topshop, breton top-h&m, red jeans-primark, boots-schuh
3. sweatshirt-asos
4. jacket-topshop, floral trousers-topshop, boots-schuh, bag-mulberry

Just a short #TodayImWearing round-up this week as I had a long weekend off work so spent most of that time in my comfies. Sadly there isn't a photo from Tuesday either as I was crapped on from a great height, literally. A horrible bird pooed on me on my way into work and it was in my hair, IN MY HAIR! I know people say it's meant to be lucky but let me tell you I didn't feel very lucky trying to wipe it out of my top knot with a make-up wipe at 7am on Tuesday morning, in fact I felt like I might cry. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 2

1. ombred jumper-h&m, skinny jeans-topshop
2. lace shirt, jewelled bib-primark, bronze skirt-zara
3. jacket, fur, grey sweatshirt-all topshop, velvet maxi-primark
4. jacket, aztec sweatshirt-topshop, pleather trousers-h&m, converse-schuh
5. jacket-topshop, dress-asos
6. fridge costume-my own

Apologies for the slightly delayed #TodayImWearing round-up, think I'm still recovering from my Halloween antics! As you can see I went as a dead head in a fridge, I absolutely love Halloween and the costume making is definitely all part of the fun! Please note: if you dressed as a 'sexy' schoolgirl/bunny/superhero, SHAME ON YOU!