Wednesday, 7 December 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 7

1. silver blouse, raspberry leigh jeans-topshop, watch-michael kors
2. jumper-h&m, black leigh jeans-topshop
3. coat-vintage, midi dress (just seen)-topshop, glasses-ray-ban
4. jacket, detachable collar, jeans-topshop, shirt-urban outfitters
5. coat-vintage, suede panel sweatshirt-h&m, jeans-topshop, converse-schuh
6. OK so this isn't me, this adorable creature is my friend's puppy coco, look at her new jacket!

You can't tell from my face but the heating in the section of the office I take my photos in is broken and it's FREEZING. I'm slightly concerned I may have frostbite as one of my toes is horribly sore and swollen and also a bit purple, not that your interested in a stranger's scabby feet, I certainly wouldn't be.

My Christmas party dress has now arrived and although I don't look like a Victoria's Secret model in it, I think it will suffice. It's got sequins on it and they're right festive. Now I just have to stop eating Christmas confectionery.

Monday, 28 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 6

1. blouse-urban outfitters, bib necklace-primark, jeans-topshop
2. jumper, stained glass effect dress-topshop, bracelet-primark, watch-michael kors
3. woolly jumper-vintage, checked shirt-urban outfitters, leigh jeans-topshop, converse-schuh
4. aztec sweatshirt-topshop, leather look skirt-h&m

A very brief round-up of last week's outfits unfortunately: I had a completely 'bleugh' day in the middle of the week when I wasn't feeling right and quite frankly looked like crap so that's why there are only four midweek photos. As for weekend pictures, I had a massively lazy weekend slobbing about in my pj's, catching up with all my favourite TV programmes and eating bacon rolls and fudge. It was bliss.

I've been buying bits and pieces over the last few weeks but none of them have made their spectacular debut on the blog yet and after weeks of searching I have finally bought a Christmas dress. It's nigh on impossible to find the perfect outfit for the party season and although I'm usually a fan of separates, Christmas is a time where I think a dress is appropriate, and it helps if it's sparkly. The winning dress should be arriving tomorrow so I'll keep you all updated on whether it's THE ONE.

On account of having the inevitable rubbish Sunday night sleep I'm exhausted so I'm going to watch Misfits and have an early night in preparation for terrible Tuesday!


Thursday, 24 November 2011


I got a Tumblr a couple of weeks ago and if I’m honest I still don’t fully understand how it works. It seems to me that the norm is to reblog pictures of beautiful things and this is fine with me as I could spend the rest of my days looking at stunning photographs of waif like models and celebrities. I do worry however that I will get sucked into this visually breathtaking yet vacuous world: I already feel a little bit less attractive having spent my morning intermittently drooling over girls with banging bone structure, incredible jewellery, long hair, and even longer legs. My time on Tumblr may be brief, my sanity is at stake.

You can find my first foray into Tumblr here.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 5

1. coat-vintage, velvet tunic-vintage, leather shorts-topshop
2. jumper-topshop, jeans-uniqlo
3. jacket-topshop, dress-asos
4. jacket, sweatshirt-topshop, utility trousers-next
5. jacket-topshop, ombred jumper-h&m, diamante studded shorts-topshop
6. lace shirt-primark, nude oversized vest-american apparel, jeans-topshop

I can't believe I'm on my 5th #TodayImWearing round-up, it doesn't seem like that long ago I was tentatively trying it out on Twitter. I've found the whole thing to be quite helpful as it means I have made more of an effort to mix up what I wear everyday. I have a tendency to get into a bit of a style rut and wear the same three items every second day: I admit that a few things have snuck in once or twice (in the case of my fur collared Topshop jacket, approximately 100 times) but I have made a conscience effort to fully showcase my wardrobe. The downside to it all? I keep buying new stuff! Oh well.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

mixtape 1

I've just made a playlist and decided I'd post it up on here: that way if there's anything you haven't heard you can give it a listen or you can judge my often questionable music taste! This one is pretty inoffensive but I have to tell you I love Taylor Swift. No shame.

1. Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray
2. We Don't Eat by James Vincent McMorrow
3. Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine
4. Stay Young, Go Dancing by Death Cab For Cutie
5. Midnight City by M83
6. The Reeling by Passion Pit
7. Hurting by Friendly Fires
8. We Found Love by Rihanna, Calvin Harris
9. ScheiBe by Lady Gaga
10. Otis by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Otis Redding
11. Baby Says by The Kills
12. Still Life by The Horrors
13. Undertow by Warpaint
14. Reach A Bit Further by Wild Beasts

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 4

1. t-shirt and OLD high-waisted jeans-topshop, converse-schuh
2. blouse-zara, jeans-topshop
3. jacket-topshop, sequin top-vintage, utility trousers-next, boots-schuh
4. coat-vintage, beaded jumper, jeans-topshop
5. jacket-topshop, spotted dress (worn as top)-h&m, skater skirt-topshop
6. glasses-ray-ban

So here's a cheeky wee round up of what I was wearing this week: as you can see I got new glasses and despite looking like an extra from The Only Way is Dalston in my scenester spectacles I can assure you that the lenses are prescription and anybody who knows me will vouch that I am blind as a bat! I love Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses with their chunky plastic top and wire bottom so I decided they would be the perfect style to have as my regular glasses. I couldn't decide between black or tortoiseshell but in the end I opted for the black so will have to buy the sunglasses in tortoiseshell for next summer! God summer seems so far away...UGH. Anyway that's quite enough self indulgent rambling from me, I've got this week's scandalous episode of Made in Chelsea to catch up on.


Monday, 7 November 2011

all that glitters

Glitter is rife at the moment; even in my office we are surrounded by glitter shoes, glitter backdrops and most recently glitter spray paint (which was massively toxic and should definitely not have been used indoors). Not that I am complaining because lets face it what's not to love about glitter? Not only is it shiny and sparkly and pretty but it's also incredibly Christmassy and I bloody love Christmas. This week saw the introduction of Starbucks Christmas drinks so I think it's fair to say yuletide fun is fast approaching; I made a trip to my favourite shop Hobbycraft this weekend and bought some craft materials to make Christmas cards. Glitter will be making an appearance, obviously. In fashion terms, glorious glitter accessories are where it's at and Miu Miu is certainly sparkling this season; their glitter boots are exactly the right mix of gaudy and glamorous and I want them on my feet NOW. For a more subtle shimmer I'll be wearing glitter nails in rich jewel tones to jazz up day-today outfits.


Sunday, 6 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 3

1. silk t-shirt-topshop, jeans-uniqlo, bib necklace-primark
2. jacket with fur collar-topshop, breton top-h&m, red jeans-primark, boots-schuh
3. sweatshirt-asos
4. jacket-topshop, floral trousers-topshop, boots-schuh, bag-mulberry

Just a short #TodayImWearing round-up this week as I had a long weekend off work so spent most of that time in my comfies. Sadly there isn't a photo from Tuesday either as I was crapped on from a great height, literally. A horrible bird pooed on me on my way into work and it was in my hair, IN MY HAIR! I know people say it's meant to be lucky but let me tell you I didn't feel very lucky trying to wipe it out of my top knot with a make-up wipe at 7am on Tuesday morning, in fact I felt like I might cry. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 2

1. ombred jumper-h&m, skinny jeans-topshop
2. lace shirt, jewelled bib-primark, bronze skirt-zara
3. jacket, fur, grey sweatshirt-all topshop, velvet maxi-primark
4. jacket, aztec sweatshirt-topshop, pleather trousers-h&m, converse-schuh
5. jacket-topshop, dress-asos
6. fridge costume-my own

Apologies for the slightly delayed #TodayImWearing round-up, think I'm still recovering from my Halloween antics! As you can see I went as a dead head in a fridge, I absolutely love Halloween and the costume making is definitely all part of the fun! Please note: if you dressed as a 'sexy' schoolgirl/bunny/superhero, SHAME ON YOU!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

crisp and white

Oddly enough the title of this post does not refer to snow, Britain's most feared weather type. No, in fact, what it is in reference to is my current quest to find the perfect white shirt.

During my formative years I found white shirts to be the bain of my existence: finding a school shirt that fit over my relatively full bosom but didn't look like it belonged to my dad was virtually impossible. These shirts were thin and ill-fitting constantly showing off my brightly coloured lacy La Senza bras. Ghastly.

The white shirt I long for now is a far cry from that so detested by my younger self. I want something clean and classic, not fitted but not manly. Feminine with an androgynous twist. Ideally I also want it to have cowboy style collar tips. Is that really to much to ask?

Monday, 24 October 2011

#TodayImWearing Round-Up 1

OK so I know there are 7 days in a week and only 4 pictures here but in my defence I only started on Wednesday and normally I can discount Sunday on account of spending the majority of my Sundays in my joggers or fleecy leopard print pyjama bottoms. This week I didn't get a Saturday picture but to be honest nobody needs to see me in my gym stuff. For those of you wondering what the hell is going on here I have started to tweet #TodayImWearing pictures so if you don't already you should follow me @charlotte_leith. I can't promise the pictures will be nice nor can I promise the chat will be exemplary but every so often I say something relatively funny (at least I like to think so).

1. topshop jumper, ASOS pleated skirt
2. vintage lambswool jumper, topshop leather shorts
3. leather jacket, black skinnies, t-shirt, detachable fur-topshop, dr. martens boots from schuh
4. topshop grey sweatshirt, red jeans from primark

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

tweet tweet

I’ve been on Twitter for a while now and I am slightly more regular with my tweeting than I am with my blogging (and by tweeting I mean trying to befriend Rick Edwards). As I have said approximately 100 times in the past I have neglected this blog and I really do intend to change this; I am considering going for a complete overhaul, I feel like even the name of my blog is a bit stale and tired. One of the best things about fashion is that it is constantly changing and evolving so why can’t a blog do the same? Anyway, in the interim, until I decide exactly what I want to do I have started a daily #TodayImWearing on Twitter complete with pictures taken in my oh so glamourous office! This is not instead of the blog but is merely to supplement my irregular posting. If you’re interested in taking a look you can find me at charlotte_leith on Twitter.


Monday, 3 October 2011

If you're not gonna blog, DON'T HAVE A BLOG?! It's kinda simple.

The title of this post is a comment that I received yesterday on my last post and I'm ashamed to say I now feel the need to justify myself. I created this blog, first and foremostly, for myself. Writing has always been something I love and blogging began as a hobby for me. The fact that people read what I write is a wonderful and often surprising bonus.

Over the last few months I have not given the blog enough time and this is something that I intend to rectify however I have been living a busy and fulfilling 'real' life. I now get paid to write, about shoes no less, and perhaps my creativity is spent by the time I come to blog. I am also acutely aware that my blog, compared to hundreds like it, is inferior. I do not look like a model nor do I have the clothes or equipment to produce fashion magazine perfect shots.

I am not naive enough to think that everybody will like what I do here but I do believe that I have a right to exist regardless of how often I post.

While I've not been blogging I've been...
Dip dying my hair pink

Lusting after these GORGEOUS velvet trousers. Image courtesy of ASOS

Baking Cookie Monster cupcakes

Monday, 29 August 2011

forgive me?

I know, I know; my blogging has been abhorrent. Once again I find myself full of empty promises about how regularly I will post and once again I have been tardy and inconsistent. The truth is since I started my new job I have been seriously busy, this has also coincided with the Edinburgh festival so in between working and being a social butterfly all I've really had time for is sleeping, and eating, naturally. As well as this blog I have also been seriously neglecting the gym and today I made my triumphant return with a Zumba class. I already feel a little sore so I'm taking that as a good sign. I always feel so inadequate at the gym; this is partially because I have no sporty gym bag (I am currently using the cloth bag that once housed the Mulberry) and mainly because I am inadequate. Just last week I went to the gym for a shower, (I am aware this makes me sound slightly like a gypsy but my boiler was broken,) so there I am dripping wet in just a towel trying to get into my locker and it will not open. Now I definitely had the right locker and I was definitely using the correct combination but the padlock had jammed itself shut. I had to wait around for someone else to come into the changing rooms and send them up to reception for help. I was pretty mortified when a girl came down from reception wielding an enormous pair of pliers and cut my padlock right off. This is the kind of shit that would only happen to me. Anyway, I have a few new bits and bobs to blog about over the next couple of days, right now I'm gonna paint my nails and watch some crap TV!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

clothes crisis

I am having a complete crisis of faith when it comes to my wardrobe just now. I don't know if it's the time of year or if it's because I have eaten myself into oblivion since my holiday or if I'm just bored but I HATE all of my clothes at the moment. I'm currently sitting on my bed surrounded by once-loved garments fizzing with dissatisfaction. The simple task of laying out clothes for work has become torturous not to mention the overwhelming remorse I felt when I couldn't find my trusty American Apparel denim shorts and remembered I'd carelessly abandoned them in a hostel in Barcelona. My most recent purchases, including a gorgeous pair of floral trousers from Topshop, are leaving me underwhelmed and at this exact moment in time I think I'd rather leave my house in my joggers and freebie work t-shirt than contrive a mediocre outfit from my pile of rags. Perhaps I have spent too much time today pouring over fashion blogs and ogling beautiful things, I seem to be going a little mad.

At least my nails look good.

My life would definitely be better with this ASOS short suit in it. Jacket £50, Shorts £35

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The rain decided to take a well earned break from soaking Scotland this afternoon and I was able to get some pictures done in the garden. As you can see my vain doggy wasn't happy with somebody else being the centre of attention so she decided to get in the photos too! This picture is really all about the jumper; fringed, super cosy and patterned, it may be last season (I picked it up in the Topshop Sale) but I am planning on making this work for me all through the winter months. The only downside is that I have to be really careful not to dip the fringes into my dinner.

I've had a really nice weekend; went to Nandos and the cinema last night and had an amazing brunch with Morven today at Mimi's Bakehouse in Leith. Leith in the sunshine on a Sunday morning is so nice; there are so many nice places to go for food and drinks! Going to Chop Chop tonight which was a finalist in Gordon Ramsay's search for Britain's Best Restaurant, the food is delicious and the Unlimited Banquet is enough to feed an army. I will be on a strict diet next week to counteract the infinite amount of calories I have consumed the last few days!

Hope you've had a good weekend!

Monday, 8 August 2011

I start my new job tomorrow and I am VERY excited. I am going back to work at Schuh in their Marketing Department at Head Office and it's the beginning of a very exciting career for me, plus who doesn't love to be surrounded by amazing shoes all day. Since I am going to be spending my days in the company of lots of wonderfully stylish people I am also hoping that I will be provided with fodder for this blog and will finally start to update it with the frequency that was originally intended. For my first day I have decided to wear my trusty leather shorts with this Zara blouse and of course my Alexa (if it's not raining that is, I've yet to 'splash' out on the waterproofing spray, pun wholeheartedly intended). I am currently an hour in to my Monday model watching marathon, Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model followed by Dirty Sexy Things. I've had to have a cupcake to combat the self-loathing.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I am hating the weather right now; not only am I perpetually sweating because of the heat, I am also wasting at least half my day delayering and re layering as the rain constantly threatens to beat me up like a persistent bully demanding lunch money. The other day I made the mistake of wearing a long sleeved top and a jacket on my way to the gym, before I'd even gotten on the bus a film of sweat was coating my already make-up free face and I'm pretty sure I was panting. I have never felt more like a junkie in my life, old women were shooting me dirty looks and mother's hurried their children past me. I know it's summer and that's all very well but I'm not prepared for this, I just want to buy a winter jacket and moan about it being too cold. It's so hot in the oven that is my bedroom that I can't even dance enthusiastically to Beyonce without perspiring an un-ladylike amount. (Run the World and Best Thing I Never Had are current favourites for bedroom dancing, you are welcome for that mental image.)


Saturday, 30 July 2011

the traveller returns

I am back from my holiday and I think I have FINALLY recovered from Benicassim; there was a time on the Monday after the last day of music where I thought I may actually die which wasn't helped by the fact that I was on a local bus in a small Spanish town with approximately 12 minutes to catch my train back to Barcelona. There were almost tears. Despite that small hiccup I had an absolutely amazing time although I refuse to camp again. Living outside for a week in sweltering conditions is not for me; I like air conditioning, and beds, and clean towels. I don't like waking up with ants in my pants, literally. After Spain I spent a few days in the South of France where I did very little except eat ice cream and unsuccessfully hunt for Johnny Depp (he lives in the village I was staying in, I wasn't just going out on a limb). Although I am slightly gutted to be home I am also excited as I start a new job next week! It's all very exciting and I really can't wait to start. I have also come home to some gorgeous weather and have just eaten enough food to sink a small ship off the BBQ, I am definitely gonna have the meat sweats later. Here's a little outfit post debuting my Mulberry, I still haven't got bored of showing her to people/making them smell her. Is it a little weird that I just referred to the bag as a her? Ah well, please excuse the shoddy photo; it was very hot in my garden and I was getting sweaty and irritable. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Blouse, Mink Pink at Urban Outfitters
Shorts, Topshop
Clogs, Schuh
Bag, Mulberry Oversized Alexa

Thursday, 28 July 2011


I have been on a little blogger's holiday, well just an actual holiday really, but I will be back very soon and I have lots of exciting things to bore you all with! So watch this space! Xx

The Strokes, Benicassim 2011

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Top, Skirt, Headband: All TOPSHOP
Unfortunately for me my Dad has gone on holiday and taken with him his camera, so selfish of him. Even worse news is that he rang me yesterday to ask if all the money he had found in the camera case was mine, turns out there was a stash of pound coins in there that I had ceased to discover. Could really have done with the extra pennies for holiday spends! The purpose of this tale, apart from advising you of the importance of ALWAYS checking zipped compartments for money, was to explain why there hadn't been a recent blog update however I found this picture from the other week that I hadn't put up so decided to go for it. The skirt is the Topshop maxi I blogged previously and the top is just a standard cropped ribbed number but my favourite thing about the look is the flower headband. I love the hippy vibe and feel like an over sized flower girl in it, Kate Moss had about a dozen girls in floral head wear in her wedding party and if it's good enough for Mossy it's good enough for me.


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bon Iver and Alexa

T-shirt, Topshop
Crochet Shorts, H&M
Necklace, Topshop

Apologies for my blogging tardiness, I am working extra long days at work this week so buy the time I get home all I am capable of doing is lounging. I did have a day off on Monday however and it was a notable occasion as after years of longing and months of moaning I finally became the owner of a Mulberry (Oversized) Alexa. I am still somewhat dumbfounded by this turn of events however once I do come to terms with it expect a long, gushing, tedious blog post about my new favourite thing ever. In other news I have been immersing myself in Bon Iver's new album, Bon Iver, and I completely love it. Justin Vernon's voice has the ability to give me chills and if you haven't heard his cover of George Michael's 'I can't make you love me' then get it in your ears immediately and prepare yourself for a broken heart.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dress, American Apparel
Necklace, H&M
Boots, ASOS

I finally got to wear the ASOS boots albeit only in my house! This American Apparel dresses is one of my all time favourites, I had to bring in back from the brink of destruction after a fall on to a sticky dance floor; hours of soaking later and after a very gentle cycle in the washing machine, during which I prayed for the safety of the fringing, and it is back in wearable condition. I got this necklace the other day in H&M, I absolutely love turquoise and have a turquoise ring that I never take off. The necklace was a bargain at only £7.99, I think it looks much more expensive than that and it looks really lovely with my summer buys as well as with casual tops for work. Now I just need it to stop raining so I can wear my beautiful boots outside!


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

the heavens are open.

Jacket, Primark
Dress, Zara
Boots, Schuh

It's raining today in Edinburgh and while that comes as no great surprise it is rather disappointing, where is our elusive summer? This weather is truly miserable, I have decided it's best not to leave the house in these extreme conditions so instead I am going to drink tea and eat Kit Kats.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Holiday Shop

Kaftan and Orange Tunic, both H&M
Shorts, Topshop
Sandals, Schuh

I know my holiday excitement is probably getting rather tedious but I genuinely CANNOT WAIT for Benicassim. It occupies my mind at all times; what will I wear, what bands will I see, will I get a tan? I had a day off from work today and when I found myself welling up at Promzillas I decided it was time I got out of the house and go on a bikini hunt. I didn't find a bikini however did pick up the above beauties and I am definitely convinced they will be valuable assets for my Spanish festival wardrobe. The fluorescent orange dress, although reminiscent of a traffic worker's vest is actually lovely on and will be perfect for throwing on for the hungover trek to the beach. The kaftan caught my eye because of the fringing, I love fringing, plus I thought it would work for during the day or at night with a nice sandal. Speaking of sandals, these bad boys are from Schuh and speaking from past experience (I previously had them in black) are the comfiest gladiator sandals I have ever owned. If like me you don't like anything that goes between your toes, or like me have had a bad experience with the habitually cool Havianas then these are definitely for you. And they look good and go with everything! Finally these cotton tie-dye shorts were in the Topshop sale and for £5 I simply couldn't resist. I need to calm down with my buying soon though or I may have trouble fitting it all in my case, or tent for that matter!

Thursday, 16 June 2011


OK so the holiday countdown is well and truly on but somebody needs to tell my appetite that. In just over three short weeks there will be more flesh on show than at a gypsy wedding and I feel very unprepared. For one, like Snow White, I have skin as white as snow and some of my peers have been hitting the sunbeds hard and are quite frankly glowing. I however am a sunbed novice and have a recurring fear that I will fry to my death in a Final Destination style accident, or more likely burn. Then there is the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini dread therefore my 'intense' gym regime has begun, not that I plan to wear anything more revealing than a burkini . I say intense and this is because I nearly died on Tuesday during Body Attack, probably more to do with the double chocolate cookie I inhaled moments before the class but it was horrific regardless. Since then I have been sculpting my physique by energetically dancing to Lady Gaga in my bedroom, quite a sight to behold let me tell you. Her new album is pretty much amazing, she is a total hit maker! A couple of weeks ago I bought this gorgeous dress from ASOS (below), I absolutely love it but am not feeling nearly svelte enough to venture outside in it. I am hoping that by the time I board the plane to Barcelona Ill be looking better than the model wearing it! Unlikely.

Monday, 13 June 2011

red alert.

I am currently finding myself lusting after apple ripe red clothing. Red, normally a colour associated with a fat old man at Christmas, is rather prevalent in the high street this summer and colour in general is making a definite comeback. Last week as I stood in Topshop I felt as though I was in the midst of a Skittle explosion and as somebody who tends to constantly veer towards caramels, greys and the ever classic black I find the idea of coloured clothes to be somewhat terrifying. That said my recent penchant for red is evident in the above two purchases; the skirt is a silky tomato coloured maxi from Topshop (£35) which is ingeniously slit up the sides making it ideal for busting a groove, more specifically my signature move 'the running man'. The jeans were a Primark steal for only £10 and they make me feel very Parisian and chic despite the fact that they are worryingly ill fitting at the crotch, but for a tenner I can't really complain. Now let me just mention that I am generally not for coloured denim, there are some lovely pastel pink and lilac skinnies out there at the moment but more often that not coloured jeans don't work. A shining example of this is when slightly rotund, floppy haired, posh boys opt for a salmon or mauve or even red coloured jean. So unfortunate.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Top: H&M
Jeans: Next
Shoes: Schuh
 I have been on a bit of a buying spree this month, my plan was to only buy things that would be suitable for holidays but that has quite frankly gone to pot. I spotted this jumper in H&M last week and had to buy it, you can't really tell from the picture but it has gold specks through it which I am hoping will really highlight the glowing tan I am bound to get this summer. This may be wishful thinking considering the last time I spent any time in the sun I ended up looking like I had a ghastly skin disease with a peeling neck and sun burnt feet! It would appear that when applying suntan lotion I am seriously inept. It is 5 weeks today until I go on holiday and unleash my beach bod/shame on the poor unsuspecting festival go-ers at Benicassim. Rather than going to the gym today however I made a rigorous gym schedule for the upcoming weeks while demolishing a bacon roll, I am a farce of a human being. The rest of my day has been spent mostly listening to Fleetwood Mac and wishing I was Isabel Lucas.


Friday, 27 May 2011

polaroid app on my iphone...being a dickhead's cool

OK so I recently got an iPhone and I am totally obsessed, it is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me; long bus journeys are no longer tedious, I have the ability to be a prolific social networker and I can buy clothes in my lunch break. Perfect. I am ashamed to admit that I am a total app wanker and recently purchased two applications that help create massively hipster-esque, 'arty' photos like the one above. The main focus of this photo, apart from my embarrassing Victoria Beckham pout is supposed to be this ace silver necklace (£16) from Topshop. It was a complete impulse buy last weekend when I was struggling to find something for a night out and my wages were burning a hole in my pocket but I have actually worn it pretty much every day since. It's chunky and summery and jazzes up a plain top, of which I am quite the fan! My ASOS boots also arrived this week and from strutting around in my house I have discovered that they are really high (I stand at a gigantic 6'2 in them) and that they aren't all that comfortable. I do still love them though so be prepared for a future post about my broken ankles!


Saturday, 21 May 2011

bank holidays

Apologies to anyone who has been desperately waiting on a blog post (Hi Terri and Claire). I have been gallivanting around Europe the past few weeks which sounds a lot more glamorous than it actually was! But I have barely had time to unpack let alone sit down and try to write something witty and interesting. My bedroom is in total disarray at the moment and I am in the process of trying to move my all my clothes from a full chest of drawers into less unsightly boxes that are to be stored under my bed. I have a lot of clothes however and this is proving to be a lengthy process, I really need to do a clear out but I live in fear that I will chuck out something and then it will come back into fashion immediately. While I should have been tidying today I found myself instead lounging about and looking at clothes online, I couldn't resist buying these ASOS boots, I am desperate for new going out shoes and I absolutely love these. Unfortunately they didn't have the black ones in my size so I went for the taupe, they should be arriving on Wednesday so look out for a future post about them!

Boots, £70, ASOS

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I have been trying to do up my room for months now and while I was in London this weekend my lovely Grandad started the work for me. This is just a sneak peek as I still haven't got curtains or cushions but I absolutely LOVE the wallpaper, I am so pleased with how it's all coming together.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Kings and Queens

Old couple in all their finery dancing at Hyde Park on the Royal Wedding, Amazing Cakes at Borough Market,
Jamie's Italian

I was lucky enough to be in London this weekend and it was incredible, I watched the handsome couple say their vows on enormous screens in Hyde Park where the atmosphere was more like a festival than a state event, narrated by the dulcet Welsh tones of Huw Edwards the whole day was magical. I am in no way a royalist but on Friday there was a great sense of occasion in London, everyone was just really enjoying themselves. Of course I can't mention the wedding without mentioning the fashion and THE dress. After so much speculation I was delighted to see that Kate had opted for McQueen and the dress was absolutely perfect, she looked deliciously regal as she floated down the never ending aisle. Other outfits worth a mention were Princess Anne's floral ensemble, the Queen's adorable yellow number and beautiful bridesmaid Pippa Middleton also in a stunning McQueen gown. I wasn't a fan of Victoria Beckham's sombre look especially teamed with her ever present scowl and Samantha Cameron's head wear looked like she had raided a 9 year old's jewellery box, should have stuck to a hat SamCam.

Once all the excitement of the wedding was over I still had a few days in London to relax and have fun. I went to Borough Market for a wander, it is potentially my favourite place in the world and the temptation to sample something from every one of the many food stalls is sometimes too hard to resist! I managed to limit myself to a steak sandwich, massive slab of chocolate brownie and a smoothie, just as well really as it was only about midday. The weather was glorious and after sunning ourselves at South Bank for a bit we decided to go home and get ready to go to Jamie's Italian for dinner. The food was yummy and really reasonable and the staff were lovely despite the constant queue of customers looking for tables, definitely want to give the Glasgow one a try now.

After spending a good few hours in Oxford Street Topshop I somehow managed to come away empty handed, I would like to say this is because I exercised excellent self-restraint but in reality I was clutching a pair of studded suede shorts in my hand fully intending to buy them when I realised they were missing a vital stud and there were no more in my size. Thoroughly disappointing. I did come home with one purchase, this orange bag from Primark. It's a shoddy knock off of a Miss Selfridge bag I lusted after last summer but could never justify and I am having a bit of a citrus colours moment right now so I decided to give it a try.

Excitingly my wee blog got a mention in the May edition of the Pulse magazine which is a monthly glossy published by the Scotsman. I am majorly flattered to be described as an 'Edinburgh blogger babe' although my current gym attire would really push the boundaries of that statement. I was a bit of a geek and managed to track down a copy of the magazine, it's very strange to see your picture in glossy print!

Monday, 25 April 2011

raw hide.

I love suede, I literally cannot get enough of it's buttery goodness. It's so soft and baby animal-esque. When I spotted this jumper in H&M on Friday I had to buy it. Not only is it tan and grey, unquestionably my two favourite colours but look at all that rawhide, it's perfection in jumper form.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Full time work is turning me into an old hag; I have sore knees, suitcases under my eyes and like to be in my bed by 9pm, THANK GOODNESS FOR THE BANK HOLIDAY! Never have the words 'four day weekend' seemed so sweet and thanks to those lovely Royals I have two in a row.

I am going to be in London for the Royal Wedding and although I am not a royalist I am hugely excited to be at the heart of one of the most anticipated events of recent years. And of course I cannot wait to see the dress! The weekend after the wedding I am heading to Malaga for a few days of much needed sunshine, my current Wednesday Addams look is so last season.

This weekend I plan on partying hard and spending my pay packet on pretty clothes, cocktails and Nandos-so much to look forward to!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

chelsea girl

Generally I find River Island to be a massive disappointment; I see nice things in magazines or in the windows and then when I get in there I am blinded by utter tat. The amount of glitter and diamantes on their garments is astounding, it's a magpie's porno, and more often than not a nice dress or blouse has been ruined with the addition of a cheap, over sized brooch. However if you have slightly more patience than me then there are treasures to be found, especially with the launch of the limited edition Chelsea Girl range. Chelsea Girl was one of the defining brands of the High Street revolution in the 1960's bringing affordable fashion to the masses, in 1988 it changed it's name to River Island but the brand has been brought back to life with a 40 piece collection all with a classic vintage feel. I completely fell in love with this Missoni inspired dress and I had to have it, with a little loan from my kind Mum. Although veering on pant-flashing short it is such a nice shape and the colours are gorgeous plus I think it will look great worn as a top with leather shorts. And it was a total bargain at £30!

That's all from me just now as Masterchef is on soon, I have to clean my teeth before I watch it as it makes me hungry and I am often tempted to sneak into the snack cupboard downstairs!


Thursday, 7 April 2011

we all got old at breakneck speed

This week I made my triumphant return to the live music scene at The Vaccines gig in Glasgow. Triumphant is perhaps the wrong word since I struggled to finish my third cider and blackcurrant and almost fell asleep on the half past ten train home however it was fun to go to a gig again after what seems like forever. A couple of years ago my relationship with Ticketmaster was pretty intense and I would trek up and down from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and Glasgow in pursuit of bands that I loved and bands that I liked and other bands in between. In more recent years my fondness for electronic music has meant that I have spent more time at DJ sets than at gigs but there is nothing quite like the atmosphere at a packed gig where everybody is singing along, fist-pumping like a Guido, eyes closed.

The Vaccines have been majorly hyped and there are no doubt many people out there who won't believe the hype or who will have decided that Radio 1 has completely killed their credibility. The thing is they write damn catchy songs, they don't take themselves too seriously and they sounded great live. Despite having major instrument troubles and a poorly lead singer their set was fun and upbeat albeit short. The crowd was a massive mix of different ages although it has to be noted it was a bit of a sausage fest and I was disappointed to find a major lack of scenesters in geek glasses.

Also this week I went to see my little brother's band The Colours play at Whistle Binkies in Edinburgh. They are really good and musically really tight, although I may be slightly biased. In between all this music and Zumba I AM EXHAUSTED. Roll on the weekend.

Monday, 28 March 2011

girl crush

Lykke Li, photographed at Rough Trade East, Shoreditch, London, February 2011. Photograph: Karen Robinson for the Observer

The Swedes are such babes and I would count the night a drunken Scandinavian man thought I was Swedish to be one of the best evenings of my life. He was obviously VERY drunk. Singer Lykke Li is the epitome of a hot Swede and on a day when I am full of the cold I thought a picture of her would be far more appealing than a picture of me. Her debut album, Youth Novels, was the soundtrack to one of my many failed attempts at romance and I felt that every song resonated with me including the delightfully chirpy 'Little Bit' which was once featured in an episode of Hollyoaks for it's sins. Her new album, Wounded Rhymes, is dark and dreamy, my favourite kind of melancholic melodies and I CANNOT stop listening. Plus I truly seek comfort in the fact that even uber-cool Swedish babes are unlucky in love.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

everything will be all white

Today was a glorious day; the sun did not stop shining and when the icy winds temporarily dropped the heat was spectacular. Sunny days make me feel invincibly happy, I think of holidays and BBQ's, beer gardens and ice lollies, shorts and sunglasses. Last weekend when spending my not-so-hard earned wages I made a few purchases inspired by the impending summer season. I have already gushed about my love for Ivy from 90210 and recently when making shopping decisions I have firmly followed the acronym WWIW, What Would Ivy Wear?

And above are just a few of the things I picked up that passed the 'Ivy' criteria; the sweatshirt in the middle is from Topshop (£26.50) and literally hasn't been off my back since I bought it. It is comfier than a pj top, fits in perfectly with the Navajo trend and hangs off the body in a ridiculously flattering way-I am in love.

The fringed waistcoat on the left is a Primark bargain (£12) and is actually rather nice quality, I especially like the little wooden beads on the end of the ties. I will definitely be wearing this over floral dresses and with looses vests and pale denim cut offs in the summer sun.

Finally, and the photo really doesn't do it justice, is a thick knit white vest from H&M (£7.99). I spotted this a week or so ago and thought that it would look ace over a bikini on the beach or just with jeans and jewelery for a smart every day look.

Now all I need is for the weather to stay nice so I can wear all my new things, that and a spray tan as my goth like pallor doesn't quite fit in with the whole California chic vibe!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ode to the disco pant

So I have been after the American Apparel Disco Pants FOREVER and this weekend I finally gave in to my urges and purchased the Disco Shorts. The super-tight, super-shiny knickers are bum skimmingly impractical but I love them and the thick material is surprisingly forgiving even after several packets of Fizzy Fangs. Worlds away from the ideal work trouser I was searching for I have no doubt that these bad boys will get more than enough wear on the dance floor to make them worthwhile, and I still have a hankering for the trouser version so watch this space.

Image from American Apparel
Disco Shorts £45