Monday, 31 January 2011


I started writing this post in the note pages of my Filofax on the bum numbingly long train home from London yesterday on my way back from a wonderful weekend away. Truth be told, I really didn't want to come back, I firmly believe London is my spiritual home.

People watching in London is excellent and I will openly admit that I love a good perve. The Hoxton Hipsters are my favourite tribe to ogle; more sequins, scenester spectacles and ombred hair than an Urban Outfitters Christmas party. And am I the only person who despite finding the YouTube sensation 'Being a Dickhead's Cool' hilarious and slightly cringe worthy STILL have a desire to dress up head to toe in American Apparel, get a regrettable and ironic tattoo and ride off on my bicycle (complete with basket, naturally)?

The weekend went by too quickly but highlights included: catching up with friends, dancing like a dick in Camden, brunch at The Breakfast Club-TWICE, Brick Lane wandering and losing at least half a day and my mind in Oxford Street Topshop.

I was so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothing in Topshop that my mind simply could not make sensible decisions, a fact that was proven when I realised I had an £140 fringed red leather jacket in my hands. I was also left devastated when I discovered the most perfect Chanel-esque dress then discovered it was 'One Size'. There is nothing I hate more than clothes that are marked as 'One Size', they might as well say 'It won't bloody fit you and your man-sized back Charlotte'.

I did make a few purchases though including a gorgeous pale pink suede skirt which upon getting home I have realised is faulty. It will break my heart if the Edinburgh store doesn't have it in stock. I also managed to find a pair of skinny jeans in Uniqlo which fit both my ample arse and oddly skinny legs, not an easy task as you'd imagine. The beauty of them is that they are made from a stretchy material, I believe officially they should be classed as jeggings but whatever they are I love them and they only set me back £24.99!

I am hoping to post some pictures of my London adventure in due course but now I must go and watch Tool Academy, Rick Edwards is a dreamboat.

I will cry if I can't get a replacement. Skirt, £65, TOPSHOP

Kind of wish I'd bought this. Jacket, £140 TOPSHOP

Monday, 24 January 2011


Had to cut my head off here on account of my face being farcical. Dress (worn as top) Very Old TOPSHOP, Shorts TOPSHOP, Herringbone Tights OASIS, Watch MICHAEL KORS

OK so this is a slightly inaccurate 'outfit post' in that these pictures were actually taken one balmy/not below freezing day last week when I woke up feeling all summery and not today. Today I was wearing an unimaginative man's tartan shirt and boring but perennially practical American Apparel denim shorts, nothing worthy of visuals. I am pretty sure that this particular choice of attire had something to do with my new found obsession with 90210 or more specifically, Ivy from 90210. The epitome of boho chic, she makes teeny tiny bikinis, loose shapeless dresses and fringing look effortlessly cool, a nice contrast from the rest of the characters with their perfect hair and horrible designer handbags. There is something about that laid back luxe Californian style that I love; beachy hair and nonchalance just screams sexy. Although it also helps if you have a rocking body and a killer wardrobe (see the beautiful Rumi Neely of fashiontoast ). The best thing about this look is that it's relaxed, it's not a brief, bizarre trend like the Skort, it's more a way of life.

I love Ivy. Seriously considering going back to blond for summer.

Photo from fashiontoast 
Rumi Neely nails LA hippy cool

Monday, 17 January 2011

is beached whale a s/s11 trend?

I am only a week into it but already Operation Benicassim Body has gone to pot. After a fairly valiant midweek effort including no crisps or sweets (OK, maybe one or two kit-kats but at 107 calories a piece they're basically low fat) my weekend was a calorific write-off. As for exercise, I finally plucked up the courage to give the bike a shot, a decision I immediately regretted. I often forget that one of the reasons I detest exercising is because of how utterly dreadful I look whilst attempting it, after just 20 minutes on the bike I was a puce, sweating, wobbly legged mess. Thankfully all of this was in the comfort of my own home but what happens when I start Zumba, or god forbid, join a gym? And 20 minutes seems like such a pathetic attempt too, I bet even Kerry Katona could manage more than that. Speaking of Kerry Katona, why is she allowed on TV? She is clearly mental.

Instrument of torture.
After my previous entry whining about the sales I am pleased to announce that I actually managed to find an absolute beauty of a bargain purchase. Just weeks ago I had been frantically searching every Topshop I passed in an attempt to find this stained glass effect dress for New Year however for some reason they never had it in stock bigger than a size 10 and while I like to think I could squeeze myself into a 10 on a good day I don't think it would be advisable when dealing with slightly see through skintight material. Not a nice mental image. Anyway I wandered into the Princes Street shop on Friday looking primarily for work clothes for when I start my real, non-retail job at the end of February and there was MY dress, in MY size for only £30. Initial elation was followed by the terrible fear that it might not look as good on as it had in my previous imaginings but I needn't have worried, it looked better. Now I just need an occasion to wear it.

Stained Glass Dress, TOPSHOP Now £30

Actual stained glass, MY HOUSE.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Spanish Sahara

How fitting that I should be listening to this particular song (Spanish Sahara by Foals) while writing this post having just purchased my ticket for BENICASSIM 2011! For those of you who don't already know Benicassim is a music festival held in an arrid orchard just outside Valencia in Spain; think T in the Park without the rain or chanting delinquents. I was there in 2009 and it was genuinely one of the best two weeks of my life (the music is only on for four days but you can camp for a week and I also spent a week in Barcelona, it's not a marathon festival). Granted waking up in a tent in the blistering heat with a self-inflicted sore head can be trying but the amazing music, gorgeous sunshine and generally ace atmosphere more than make up for it!

But now comes the dreaded bikini fear. Like most people do in January I have vowed to lose half my body weight by the time July comes around however my health kick is yet to get it's flabby ass off the ground. This hasn't been helped by new found obsession with bacon rolls and afternoon naps. I am hoping that with the impending arrival of my mum's belated Christmas present (an exercise bike) and a place in a Zumba class I will be positively waiflike in time for the summer season. In my head I will become an Amazonian Gisele Bundchen type, the reality will no doubt be disappointing.

But what to wear for Spring Summer 2011? According to Vogue 'this summer is a riot of colour,' block colours and rainbow bright jewel tones will have you top of the style stakes. For the very brave, go for Christoper Kane inspired neon but stick to classic designs to avoid looking like a second division WAG in Marbella. Alternatively you can embrace the habitually chic summer colour, white. This summer's whites are stark, the lines are sharp and the shapes are simple. White on white is also a big deal, just stay away from highly coloured food and drink. And the best thing about white? It really shows off a nice tan!

Flouro Pink at Christopher Kane

All White at Chloe

The Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys at Benicassim 2011, I cannot wait!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Best Dressed of 2010

Just a few of my favourite celeb looks from 2010. Apologies for the Alexa overload, I love her and in 2010  I think she took some risks and showcased some beautiful and edgy pieces.

Alexa Chung in Phillip Lim at the Met Costume Intsitute Gala. LOVE.

Alexa in head to toe Chanel.

Alexa in Chanel again. Karl's BFF looks like she was made for this dress.

Florence Welch in floaty chiffon and desert boots at Glastonbury.

Leighton Meester in Versus. Primark had a limited edition dress in this colour which I was determined I would get.
Sadly I didn't look like this in it.
Alexa AGAIN, this time in Valentino at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2010
Always impeccable in 2010, Olivia Palermo in the gorgeous Mango campaign


I cannot believe it is 2011, I still remember the Millennium like it was yesterday. For your information I was wearing a tight cloud print and pink rose dress, a mauve mohair Miss Selfridge shrug, some Ellesse trainers and approximately four hundred butterfly clasps as the clock struck midnight on the 1st January 2000-how truly shocking. Anyway this is pretty much the obligatory new year post where I claim to be a better blogger in 2011, list my other resolutions and thank everybody for reading this blog. I say that flippantly but I am truly grateful to everybody who has chosen to read the words I have haphazardly thrown together the last few months, some of you I know well and some of you are strangers but thank you for all your kind words and encouragement.

I am hopeful that 2011 will be a great year, for me and for all of you. I intend to stay positive, keep writing this blog and who knows what else. Benicassim 2011 is definitely calling my name. Above all I want to be healthy and happy.

Happy New Year everybody!