Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I am a fashionbeasta. fashionbeasta: a wannabe fashionista who likes kit kats too much

Once upon a time I had a blog. Now, I have an out of date collection of my inane musings gathering cyber dust, much like my home laptop which sadly only gets used for watching guff on TV.
Today I got my Topshop NEWGEN Mary Katrantzou t-shirt through the post along with a totes adorable limited edition free tote bag and the sad reality is I probably WON’T post a photo of me wearing it. The reasons for this are twofold: I am still carrying a little Christmas weight (approx 100lbs of quality street) and I’ll probably wear it with the same jeans I wear EVERY DAY and my Dr Martens.
Since my last post I have definitely bought a fair few things but nobody really needs me to talk about the seamless footies I picked up in Primark. In case you are curious footies are those funny little socks that are even smaller than trainer socks designed to wear with pumps and stuff. This stuff is blogging GOLD.
Obviously it has not escaped my attention that it’s London Fashion Week at the moment (my Twitter timeline is rife with #LFW related tweets and with each one I read I think I turn a little more green) and rather than go into detail about shows I haven’t attended I will simply say this: I NEED Alexa Chung’s JW Anderson paisley print pyjama style trousers in my life immediately.