Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Sorry about the lack of posts but I have been working on my costume for the weekend, I am heading up North to Aberdeen to see Cassius at the Forum. If this Let It Bleed event is anything like French dreamboat DJ Mehdi's night last year it is set to be spooktacular! Must get back to my needle and thread, more costume details to follow but for now just know that it involves white fur!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ugh. This week is getting me down. My parents are away on holiday and I have been left on doggy watch so of course this would be the week she chooses to cut her paw and then rather than leave it alone proceed to lick and gnaw at it like a ravenous beast. This called for a trip to the vet where I paid £65 for a nice man to put some cream on her cut and weigh her, daylight robbery. I was sent home with said cream and antibiotics the combination of which has made the smells coming out of Dotty give me the boke.

I also have SERIOUS clothes cravings too which weren't helped by the pages and pages of beautiful winter delights in this week's Look which I stupidly bought on Tuesday at work to read while I drank my potentially stolen Starbucks. This sounds more crimewatch than it actually is, it was busy and I was in a rush so I took the first skinny vanilla latte that was ready without considering that it may have been somebody elses, no harm done. I want everything in the shops right now but I need cable knit socks and this ace leather t-shirt from Next. Next has really upped it's game recently and has a few really nice A/W buys.


Obviously like everybody else in Scotland I have been moaning about the cold but secretly I have been loving wearing my ace vintage coat, it's so cosy and the fur collar means it instantly dresses up my jeans and high tops. Of course then the bottom button would have to pop off only to be picked up and chewed by the disabled dog. Standard.

I hope next week treats me more kindly.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

dutch courage

This summer the clog reigned supreme and from the moment I spotted Alexa in the towering Chanel clogs I knew I had to have a pair (she is my favourite). My only concern was would I be able to walk in them? And which fantastic high street version should I go for?

There is something about the clog which takes me back to my childhood, as a little girl I remember desperately wanting a floral pair but with narrow feet a Start-Rite sensible shoe was more my style. In more recent years as a shoe salesperson the clog had been mostly favoured by aging hippies or arty types but all of this changed this year.

Overwhelmed by the variety of clogs in the shops in the end I opted for a more traditional style than the ones I had seen on Miss Chung; a traditional dutch clog sandal in tan leather. Think Coachella rather than catwalk. Then, imagine my delight when I found the much lusted after Topshop version of the Chanel clog for £20 in the sale, a deal I just couldn't resist.

The BEST thing about summer clogs? They are still massively on trend this season. Teamed with tights or cable knit over-the-knee socks during the day or with bare legs and fur jackets on a night out, they are a great transitional shoe. Just be careful tottering around town though or like me you may end up icing a very swollen foot and limping around clumsily for a few days!

TOPSHOP add a winter feel to the clog £85

Alexa in Chanel

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Decent days and nights

So loyal readers I lied when I said I would update this more regularly but seriously you don't want to read about how I sat in my room, alone, in my jogging bottoms watching episodes of Mad Men pretty much every night last week. It just makes me sound sad.

I do sometimes do fun things and this weekend was no exception, I went through to Glasgow for a birthday where I sampled yummy gin and tonic jellies and cupcakes. Very festive. And last night I had a wonderful night with one of my most favourite people in the world. Having no money to spend often makes me forget that Edinburgh is an exciting city brimming with wonderful places to eat and drink. Last night I had a delicious dinner at Mother India's Cafe, the Edinburgh counterpart to Glasgow's famous Mother India. The food was yum and the staff were attentive although there did seem to be a designated glass collector who looked perpetually puzzled by her role.

After dinner drinks were courtesy of Dragonfly Cocktail Bar where I sampled my first ever White Russian, let me tell you it will not be my last. It was a really nice wee place, relaxed and a bit different with an extensive and exciting cocktail list!.The perfect setting for a date if you aren't single and desperate like me. Enough of the self pity though as the last few days have been pretty great and tonight, I have more Mad Men to watch. Don Draper, what a man.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Boxer Shorts

Why is it that when you have money to spend the shops are full of utter rubbish but when you don't have a penny to your name town is suddenly chock-a-block full of everything you've ever wanted? I am a tortured soul, I love clothes yet I cannot afford them, I want new things yet I have nowhere to showcase them. My poverty is my misery.

I was kind enough to receive a £25 Topshop voucher for my birthday last month and wisely I resisted from spending it straight away so that when something I really wanted adorned the rails I would be able to buy it, guilt free. This weekend I decided to venture into Topshop for a 'browse' reminding myself that I would only part with my gift card for something truly exceptional.

I was surrounded by temptation: sumptuous fabrics and silhouettes in navy, tan and burgundy hues. I needed to get out of there however as I scanned the store for the nearest exit I spotted two of my close friends and we stopped for a chin-wag under the beady eye of the balding security guard. It was here, on the rail next to where we had stopped to gossip that a pair of shorts caught my eye.

Navy cotton with a boxer style drawstring and tan leather look waistband they looked comfortable but cool. And it seemed like fate had wanted us to be together. After saying goodbye to my friends I still had the shorts firmly in my grasp, their versatility intrigued me. I bought them. While not exceptional they are exceptionally comfortable, the length is forgiving and they look great with flats and heels alike. I have a feeling they may become a staple piece in this year's winter wardrobe.

Shorts £32 TOPSHOP