Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Completely Self(ie)-Obsessed

I started a new job this week and on day three my photo was taken for the website and FYI it is THE WORST PHOTO EVER. Granted I am prone to hyperbole but seriously, it's revolting. The thing is for the past year or so I have been churning out grade A pictures of myself: flawless skin, supermodel pout, the lot! I am completely selfie-obsessed but what damage is it doing to me in the long term?

Not only do people think I am vain and vapid, I have also started to compare myself to an artificial version of me, and I certainly do not measure up. I feel pressure to look like beautiful celebrities but worse than that I also feel a pressure to look like my most shiny, Instagram-d self, the Charlotte you see (and Like) in my Facebook profile pictures.

The beauty of the selfie is you can take as many pictures as you want and pick the one where you look thinnest, coolest, most interesting (or in my case the one where my nose looks least like Michael Jackson's). Then you can add a filter that makes your eyes pop, your skin glow and your hair shine. It's like magic. But it's not real life. In real life I'm probably rocking eye bags for days and a spot akin to vesuvius on my chin.

I should probably stop taking selfies, I should get outside and do some exercise and work on feeling good inside instead of focusing on the outside. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem... my name is Charlotte and I'm a selfieholic.

Selfie cake selfie.