Wednesday, 8 December 2010

brain freeze

There is something about the snow that seems to throw my world into disarray. My room is a bombsite, my fashion choices are abysmal and I am suffering from writer's block, a severe brain freeze. The pavements in Edinburgh currently resemble sheet ice so sensible shoes are a must, this means my new brogues haven't even had a look in and don't even get me started on my Michelin man appearance caused by my constant need to layer. This weather couldn't have come at a worse time, yes I know it's winter but it's also party season and pretty dresses don't look wonderful with rubber boots. All I ask is for one icy sludge free day so that I can wear my beautiful new Snow Queen dress with appropriate footwear at the weekend. The dress, a caped, fur-trimmed Kate Moss for Topshop number is a beauty and I intend to post pictures once it's had a good iron and I'm all glammed up, it deserves to be shown off.

My purchase of the week: an adorable velvet and leather satchel which I spotted whilst out shopping with the lovely Morven. Sadly the handbag that I have used every day for the last year decided to give in to the weight of my worldly possessions so really this was a necessity rather than a frivolous purchase. Whatever helps me sleep at night.  That's all from me tonight, I have one episode left of Mad Men Season 4 to watch and I'm craving a Don Draper fix.

Satchel, ZARA

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