Wednesday, 13 April 2011

chelsea girl

Generally I find River Island to be a massive disappointment; I see nice things in magazines or in the windows and then when I get in there I am blinded by utter tat. The amount of glitter and diamantes on their garments is astounding, it's a magpie's porno, and more often than not a nice dress or blouse has been ruined with the addition of a cheap, over sized brooch. However if you have slightly more patience than me then there are treasures to be found, especially with the launch of the limited edition Chelsea Girl range. Chelsea Girl was one of the defining brands of the High Street revolution in the 1960's bringing affordable fashion to the masses, in 1988 it changed it's name to River Island but the brand has been brought back to life with a 40 piece collection all with a classic vintage feel. I completely fell in love with this Missoni inspired dress and I had to have it, with a little loan from my kind Mum. Although veering on pant-flashing short it is such a nice shape and the colours are gorgeous plus I think it will look great worn as a top with leather shorts. And it was a total bargain at £30!

That's all from me just now as Masterchef is on soon, I have to clean my teeth before I watch it as it makes me hungry and I am often tempted to sneak into the snack cupboard downstairs!



  1. I laughed so much when reading the first paragraph of this I thought I was the only one who thought River Island was a prosi's paradise! Love the fact they are brining in a bit of class with some vintage pieces, will have to go on their and see what i can salvage xx :O)

  2. Gorgeous dress :) i might have to copy you on this one actually, it looks so much more expensive than £30!! and i know what you mean about masterchef, i can't cook though so i just end up eating laods of salt and vinegar crisps while watching them talk about amazing food, not cool haha!! xx