Saturday, 21 May 2011

bank holidays

Apologies to anyone who has been desperately waiting on a blog post (Hi Terri and Claire). I have been gallivanting around Europe the past few weeks which sounds a lot more glamorous than it actually was! But I have barely had time to unpack let alone sit down and try to write something witty and interesting. My bedroom is in total disarray at the moment and I am in the process of trying to move my all my clothes from a full chest of drawers into less unsightly boxes that are to be stored under my bed. I have a lot of clothes however and this is proving to be a lengthy process, I really need to do a clear out but I live in fear that I will chuck out something and then it will come back into fashion immediately. While I should have been tidying today I found myself instead lounging about and looking at clothes online, I couldn't resist buying these ASOS boots, I am desperate for new going out shoes and I absolutely love these. Unfortunately they didn't have the black ones in my size so I went for the taupe, they should be arriving on Wednesday so look out for a future post about them!

Boots, £70, ASOS


  1. yum!


  2. ive had my eye on these for so long they're beautiful..they have just gone to £49 in an asos promo, buy again and return the others!