Monday, 2 May 2011

Kings and Queens

Old couple in all their finery dancing at Hyde Park on the Royal Wedding, Amazing Cakes at Borough Market,
Jamie's Italian

I was lucky enough to be in London this weekend and it was incredible, I watched the handsome couple say their vows on enormous screens in Hyde Park where the atmosphere was more like a festival than a state event, narrated by the dulcet Welsh tones of Huw Edwards the whole day was magical. I am in no way a royalist but on Friday there was a great sense of occasion in London, everyone was just really enjoying themselves. Of course I can't mention the wedding without mentioning the fashion and THE dress. After so much speculation I was delighted to see that Kate had opted for McQueen and the dress was absolutely perfect, she looked deliciously regal as she floated down the never ending aisle. Other outfits worth a mention were Princess Anne's floral ensemble, the Queen's adorable yellow number and beautiful bridesmaid Pippa Middleton also in a stunning McQueen gown. I wasn't a fan of Victoria Beckham's sombre look especially teamed with her ever present scowl and Samantha Cameron's head wear looked like she had raided a 9 year old's jewellery box, should have stuck to a hat SamCam.

Once all the excitement of the wedding was over I still had a few days in London to relax and have fun. I went to Borough Market for a wander, it is potentially my favourite place in the world and the temptation to sample something from every one of the many food stalls is sometimes too hard to resist! I managed to limit myself to a steak sandwich, massive slab of chocolate brownie and a smoothie, just as well really as it was only about midday. The weather was glorious and after sunning ourselves at South Bank for a bit we decided to go home and get ready to go to Jamie's Italian for dinner. The food was yummy and really reasonable and the staff were lovely despite the constant queue of customers looking for tables, definitely want to give the Glasgow one a try now.

After spending a good few hours in Oxford Street Topshop I somehow managed to come away empty handed, I would like to say this is because I exercised excellent self-restraint but in reality I was clutching a pair of studded suede shorts in my hand fully intending to buy them when I realised they were missing a vital stud and there were no more in my size. Thoroughly disappointing. I did come home with one purchase, this orange bag from Primark. It's a shoddy knock off of a Miss Selfridge bag I lusted after last summer but could never justify and I am having a bit of a citrus colours moment right now so I decided to give it a try.

Excitingly my wee blog got a mention in the May edition of the Pulse magazine which is a monthly glossy published by the Scotsman. I am majorly flattered to be described as an 'Edinburgh blogger babe' although my current gym attire would really push the boundaries of that statement. I was a bit of a geek and managed to track down a copy of the magazine, it's very strange to see your picture in glossy print!

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  1. I found your blog through The Pulse magazine! How exciting for you!
    Also I'm wearing that fringed bag in my recent blog post except I got the blue one. They really don't look like they're from Primark. Got so many goodies from there recently in Glasgow's store.
    Following your blog as of now! xx