Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Decent days and nights

So loyal readers I lied when I said I would update this more regularly but seriously you don't want to read about how I sat in my room, alone, in my jogging bottoms watching episodes of Mad Men pretty much every night last week. It just makes me sound sad.

I do sometimes do fun things and this weekend was no exception, I went through to Glasgow for a birthday where I sampled yummy gin and tonic jellies and cupcakes. Very festive. And last night I had a wonderful night with one of my most favourite people in the world. Having no money to spend often makes me forget that Edinburgh is an exciting city brimming with wonderful places to eat and drink. Last night I had a delicious dinner at Mother India's Cafe, the Edinburgh counterpart to Glasgow's famous Mother India. The food was yum and the staff were attentive although there did seem to be a designated glass collector who looked perpetually puzzled by her role.

After dinner drinks were courtesy of Dragonfly Cocktail Bar where I sampled my first ever White Russian, let me tell you it will not be my last. It was a really nice wee place, relaxed and a bit different with an extensive and exciting cocktail list!.The perfect setting for a date if you aren't single and desperate like me. Enough of the self pity though as the last few days have been pretty great and tonight, I have more Mad Men to watch. Don Draper, what a man.

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