Sunday, 17 October 2010

dutch courage

This summer the clog reigned supreme and from the moment I spotted Alexa in the towering Chanel clogs I knew I had to have a pair (she is my favourite). My only concern was would I be able to walk in them? And which fantastic high street version should I go for?

There is something about the clog which takes me back to my childhood, as a little girl I remember desperately wanting a floral pair but with narrow feet a Start-Rite sensible shoe was more my style. In more recent years as a shoe salesperson the clog had been mostly favoured by aging hippies or arty types but all of this changed this year.

Overwhelmed by the variety of clogs in the shops in the end I opted for a more traditional style than the ones I had seen on Miss Chung; a traditional dutch clog sandal in tan leather. Think Coachella rather than catwalk. Then, imagine my delight when I found the much lusted after Topshop version of the Chanel clog for £20 in the sale, a deal I just couldn't resist.

The BEST thing about summer clogs? They are still massively on trend this season. Teamed with tights or cable knit over-the-knee socks during the day or with bare legs and fur jackets on a night out, they are a great transitional shoe. Just be careful tottering around town though or like me you may end up icing a very swollen foot and limping around clumsily for a few days!

TOPSHOP add a winter feel to the clog £85

Alexa in Chanel

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