Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ugh. This week is getting me down. My parents are away on holiday and I have been left on doggy watch so of course this would be the week she chooses to cut her paw and then rather than leave it alone proceed to lick and gnaw at it like a ravenous beast. This called for a trip to the vet where I paid £65 for a nice man to put some cream on her cut and weigh her, daylight robbery. I was sent home with said cream and antibiotics the combination of which has made the smells coming out of Dotty give me the boke.

I also have SERIOUS clothes cravings too which weren't helped by the pages and pages of beautiful winter delights in this week's Look which I stupidly bought on Tuesday at work to read while I drank my potentially stolen Starbucks. This sounds more crimewatch than it actually is, it was busy and I was in a rush so I took the first skinny vanilla latte that was ready without considering that it may have been somebody elses, no harm done. I want everything in the shops right now but I need cable knit socks and this ace leather t-shirt from Next. Next has really upped it's game recently and has a few really nice A/W buys.


Obviously like everybody else in Scotland I have been moaning about the cold but secretly I have been loving wearing my ace vintage coat, it's so cosy and the fur collar means it instantly dresses up my jeans and high tops. Of course then the bottom button would have to pop off only to be picked up and chewed by the disabled dog. Standard.

I hope next week treats me more kindly.

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