Monday, 17 January 2011

is beached whale a s/s11 trend?

I am only a week into it but already Operation Benicassim Body has gone to pot. After a fairly valiant midweek effort including no crisps or sweets (OK, maybe one or two kit-kats but at 107 calories a piece they're basically low fat) my weekend was a calorific write-off. As for exercise, I finally plucked up the courage to give the bike a shot, a decision I immediately regretted. I often forget that one of the reasons I detest exercising is because of how utterly dreadful I look whilst attempting it, after just 20 minutes on the bike I was a puce, sweating, wobbly legged mess. Thankfully all of this was in the comfort of my own home but what happens when I start Zumba, or god forbid, join a gym? And 20 minutes seems like such a pathetic attempt too, I bet even Kerry Katona could manage more than that. Speaking of Kerry Katona, why is she allowed on TV? She is clearly mental.

Instrument of torture.
After my previous entry whining about the sales I am pleased to announce that I actually managed to find an absolute beauty of a bargain purchase. Just weeks ago I had been frantically searching every Topshop I passed in an attempt to find this stained glass effect dress for New Year however for some reason they never had it in stock bigger than a size 10 and while I like to think I could squeeze myself into a 10 on a good day I don't think it would be advisable when dealing with slightly see through skintight material. Not a nice mental image. Anyway I wandered into the Princes Street shop on Friday looking primarily for work clothes for when I start my real, non-retail job at the end of February and there was MY dress, in MY size for only £30. Initial elation was followed by the terrible fear that it might not look as good on as it had in my previous imaginings but I needn't have worried, it looked better. Now I just need an occasion to wear it.

Stained Glass Dress, TOPSHOP Now £30

Actual stained glass, MY HOUSE.


  1. gorgeous dress! xxx p.s I agree, Kerry K is a nut! xxx

  2. That dress kills me. I wanted it pre-sale too and am now too skint to buy it whatever the price. So jealous/happy for you.

  3. Your writing style is great, really enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon. Very funny. Hope you get the chance to wear the new dress soon.

  4. I am literally laughing out loud right now, you're hilarious! And that dress is gorgeous.