Monday, 10 January 2011

Spanish Sahara

How fitting that I should be listening to this particular song (Spanish Sahara by Foals) while writing this post having just purchased my ticket for BENICASSIM 2011! For those of you who don't already know Benicassim is a music festival held in an arrid orchard just outside Valencia in Spain; think T in the Park without the rain or chanting delinquents. I was there in 2009 and it was genuinely one of the best two weeks of my life (the music is only on for four days but you can camp for a week and I also spent a week in Barcelona, it's not a marathon festival). Granted waking up in a tent in the blistering heat with a self-inflicted sore head can be trying but the amazing music, gorgeous sunshine and generally ace atmosphere more than make up for it!

But now comes the dreaded bikini fear. Like most people do in January I have vowed to lose half my body weight by the time July comes around however my health kick is yet to get it's flabby ass off the ground. This hasn't been helped by new found obsession with bacon rolls and afternoon naps. I am hoping that with the impending arrival of my mum's belated Christmas present (an exercise bike) and a place in a Zumba class I will be positively waiflike in time for the summer season. In my head I will become an Amazonian Gisele Bundchen type, the reality will no doubt be disappointing.

But what to wear for Spring Summer 2011? According to Vogue 'this summer is a riot of colour,' block colours and rainbow bright jewel tones will have you top of the style stakes. For the very brave, go for Christoper Kane inspired neon but stick to classic designs to avoid looking like a second division WAG in Marbella. Alternatively you can embrace the habitually chic summer colour, white. This summer's whites are stark, the lines are sharp and the shapes are simple. White on white is also a big deal, just stay away from highly coloured food and drink. And the best thing about white? It really shows off a nice tan!

Flouro Pink at Christopher Kane

All White at Chloe

The Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys at Benicassim 2011, I cannot wait!

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  1. Mate, Zumba is an absolute HOOT. I go to classes in Tollcross and it is seriously the best fun ever. Don't worry what you look like doing it either- everyone is flailing every-which way and LOVING LIFE doing it. Holla if you want deets of classes x