Monday, 31 January 2011


I started writing this post in the note pages of my Filofax on the bum numbingly long train home from London yesterday on my way back from a wonderful weekend away. Truth be told, I really didn't want to come back, I firmly believe London is my spiritual home.

People watching in London is excellent and I will openly admit that I love a good perve. The Hoxton Hipsters are my favourite tribe to ogle; more sequins, scenester spectacles and ombred hair than an Urban Outfitters Christmas party. And am I the only person who despite finding the YouTube sensation 'Being a Dickhead's Cool' hilarious and slightly cringe worthy STILL have a desire to dress up head to toe in American Apparel, get a regrettable and ironic tattoo and ride off on my bicycle (complete with basket, naturally)?

The weekend went by too quickly but highlights included: catching up with friends, dancing like a dick in Camden, brunch at The Breakfast Club-TWICE, Brick Lane wandering and losing at least half a day and my mind in Oxford Street Topshop.

I was so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothing in Topshop that my mind simply could not make sensible decisions, a fact that was proven when I realised I had an £140 fringed red leather jacket in my hands. I was also left devastated when I discovered the most perfect Chanel-esque dress then discovered it was 'One Size'. There is nothing I hate more than clothes that are marked as 'One Size', they might as well say 'It won't bloody fit you and your man-sized back Charlotte'.

I did make a few purchases though including a gorgeous pale pink suede skirt which upon getting home I have realised is faulty. It will break my heart if the Edinburgh store doesn't have it in stock. I also managed to find a pair of skinny jeans in Uniqlo which fit both my ample arse and oddly skinny legs, not an easy task as you'd imagine. The beauty of them is that they are made from a stretchy material, I believe officially they should be classed as jeggings but whatever they are I love them and they only set me back £24.99!

I am hoping to post some pictures of my London adventure in due course but now I must go and watch Tool Academy, Rick Edwards is a dreamboat.

I will cry if I can't get a replacement. Skirt, £65, TOPSHOP

Kind of wish I'd bought this. Jacket, £140 TOPSHOP

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  1. I am such a people watcher!
    That skirt is brilliant!
    Immie x