Monday, 7 February 2011

wall flower.

I have decided to do up my room as I need something other than Facebook and 90210 to occupy my time and as it has been the same for years I feel like it's time for a change. I went into John Lewis yesterday to have a look at wallpaper for my 'feature wall' (I'm so down with my decorator chat) and imagine my delight when I found AMAZING Sanderson wallpaper reduced to clear. I had already admired it online where it was still priced at £42 a roll so to find it marked down to £19 a roll seemed like fate and a total bargain as the dithery old sales assistant pointed out. I am going to take before and after shots of the room and keep you updated on my progress as I am attempting the painting myself. However, I do not trust myself with the wallpaper especially as I keep insisting on calling it wrapping paper. Don't quite think sellotape would do the job in this case. Redecorating also meant a trip to Ikea, where the tiny pens make you feel like a giant and you come away with something random that you don't really need (in my case an orchid and some straws). I have heard mixed reviews about the infamous Ikea meatballs so I decided to give them a miss and opted instead for a slice of pizza the size of my face at Costco next door, if you have never been to Costco before, shame on you, it's wonderful.

A glimpse of things to come


  1. charlotte, you crack me up, love it! holly xx

  2. This really made me laugh! Good luck with the decorating!
    Immie x

  3. Wow, that wallpaper is lovely! And what a bargain. Don't be fooled by the mixed reviews, the Ikea meatballs are a-mazing. The gravy they come with is even better, especially when you dip chips in it. Nom. Looking forward to seeing your photos once it's up.

  4. totally gorgeous wall paper, I love Ikea literally for the random hauls. Ice cream scoops a plenty and "ironic" cushion covers that don't fit any cushion known to man? lovely blog! xx