Thursday, 24 March 2011

everything will be all white

Today was a glorious day; the sun did not stop shining and when the icy winds temporarily dropped the heat was spectacular. Sunny days make me feel invincibly happy, I think of holidays and BBQ's, beer gardens and ice lollies, shorts and sunglasses. Last weekend when spending my not-so-hard earned wages I made a few purchases inspired by the impending summer season. I have already gushed about my love for Ivy from 90210 and recently when making shopping decisions I have firmly followed the acronym WWIW, What Would Ivy Wear?

And above are just a few of the things I picked up that passed the 'Ivy' criteria; the sweatshirt in the middle is from Topshop (£26.50) and literally hasn't been off my back since I bought it. It is comfier than a pj top, fits in perfectly with the Navajo trend and hangs off the body in a ridiculously flattering way-I am in love.

The fringed waistcoat on the left is a Primark bargain (£12) and is actually rather nice quality, I especially like the little wooden beads on the end of the ties. I will definitely be wearing this over floral dresses and with looses vests and pale denim cut offs in the summer sun.

Finally, and the photo really doesn't do it justice, is a thick knit white vest from H&M (£7.99). I spotted this a week or so ago and thought that it would look ace over a bikini on the beach or just with jeans and jewelery for a smart every day look.

Now all I need is for the weather to stay nice so I can wear all my new things, that and a spray tan as my goth like pallor doesn't quite fit in with the whole California chic vibe!



  1. I love that design on the middle shirt :)

  2. That waistcoat is from Primark??? Ahh I'm off to Primark as soon as!
    Loving the purchases, I feel like I'm adopting this 'WWIW' for this summer too.

  3. First of all, EVERYTIME i see your blog name pop up i instantly smile/giggle.. like really now, I can't get over "I ate Olivia Palermo." GENIUS.

    Second, I'm diggin' those shirts! I would definitely rock them.

  4. Love these tops! So glad the sunshine is finally out ! woo :o) xx