Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ode to the disco pant

So I have been after the American Apparel Disco Pants FOREVER and this weekend I finally gave in to my urges and purchased the Disco Shorts. The super-tight, super-shiny knickers are bum skimmingly impractical but I love them and the thick material is surprisingly forgiving even after several packets of Fizzy Fangs. Worlds away from the ideal work trouser I was searching for I have no doubt that these bad boys will get more than enough wear on the dance floor to make them worthwhile, and I still have a hankering for the trouser version so watch this space.

Image from American Apparel
Disco Shorts £45


  1. those shorts are lovely,a bit daring for me tho xx

  2. Wow they are so cool, all i need now is the figure to go in them xx :o)


  3. These shorts are hot!