Monday, 28 March 2011

girl crush

Lykke Li, photographed at Rough Trade East, Shoreditch, London, February 2011. Photograph: Karen Robinson for the Observer

The Swedes are such babes and I would count the night a drunken Scandinavian man thought I was Swedish to be one of the best evenings of my life. He was obviously VERY drunk. Singer Lykke Li is the epitome of a hot Swede and on a day when I am full of the cold I thought a picture of her would be far more appealing than a picture of me. Her debut album, Youth Novels, was the soundtrack to one of my many failed attempts at romance and I felt that every song resonated with me including the delightfully chirpy 'Little Bit' which was once featured in an episode of Hollyoaks for it's sins. Her new album, Wounded Rhymes, is dark and dreamy, my favourite kind of melancholic melodies and I CANNOT stop listening. Plus I truly seek comfort in the fact that even uber-cool Swedish babes are unlucky in love.


  1. girl crush=agreed

  2. I love Lykke Li, her voice is beautiful and her songs are stunning! Great choice xx :o)

  3. This is why I hate living in Sweden - everybody is too beautiful. Don't even get me started on their style, either.