Sunday, 5 June 2011

Top: H&M
Jeans: Next
Shoes: Schuh
 I have been on a bit of a buying spree this month, my plan was to only buy things that would be suitable for holidays but that has quite frankly gone to pot. I spotted this jumper in H&M last week and had to buy it, you can't really tell from the picture but it has gold specks through it which I am hoping will really highlight the glowing tan I am bound to get this summer. This may be wishful thinking considering the last time I spent any time in the sun I ended up looking like I had a ghastly skin disease with a peeling neck and sun burnt feet! It would appear that when applying suntan lotion I am seriously inept. It is 5 weeks today until I go on holiday and unleash my beach bod/shame on the poor unsuspecting festival go-ers at Benicassim. Rather than going to the gym today however I made a rigorous gym schedule for the upcoming weeks while demolishing a bacon roll, I am a farce of a human being. The rest of my day has been spent mostly listening to Fleetwood Mac and wishing I was Isabel Lucas.



  1. Good to see you're still wearing the Schuhs. Whatchoo up to now? Did you actually leave? We may have vacancies soon - little word from me to yooooo.

  2. great outfit! It's simple yet very cool and sexy...