Sunday, 21 August 2011

clothes crisis

I am having a complete crisis of faith when it comes to my wardrobe just now. I don't know if it's the time of year or if it's because I have eaten myself into oblivion since my holiday or if I'm just bored but I HATE all of my clothes at the moment. I'm currently sitting on my bed surrounded by once-loved garments fizzing with dissatisfaction. The simple task of laying out clothes for work has become torturous not to mention the overwhelming remorse I felt when I couldn't find my trusty American Apparel denim shorts and remembered I'd carelessly abandoned them in a hostel in Barcelona. My most recent purchases, including a gorgeous pair of floral trousers from Topshop, are leaving me underwhelmed and at this exact moment in time I think I'd rather leave my house in my joggers and freebie work t-shirt than contrive a mediocre outfit from my pile of rags. Perhaps I have spent too much time today pouring over fashion blogs and ogling beautiful things, I seem to be going a little mad.

At least my nails look good.

My life would definitely be better with this ASOS short suit in it. Jacket £50, Shorts £35


  1. ME TOO. swap ye? the Edinburgh weather is definitely a factor- IS IT SUMMER OR IS IT WINTER? dressing in the morning for work is an absolute chore. you're not alone lassie x

  2. I feel like I spend half my life thinking this even though I buy so many clothes, ridiculous!

  3. Hmmm, I have been through this too and I actually just replaced a lot of basics like t-shirts and stuff and it gave me scope to use clothes I hadn't worn for a while. I always struggle with basics but I would definitely recommend a short's an essential.

    Caz x

  4. Tell me about it! I hate everything i own, ebay seems to quite like it though.

  5. I love your nails.. just a question : you ate or hate olivia palermo?ahah :)