Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I am hating the weather right now; not only am I perpetually sweating because of the heat, I am also wasting at least half my day delayering and re layering as the rain constantly threatens to beat me up like a persistent bully demanding lunch money. The other day I made the mistake of wearing a long sleeved top and a jacket on my way to the gym, before I'd even gotten on the bus a film of sweat was coating my already make-up free face and I'm pretty sure I was panting. I have never felt more like a junkie in my life, old women were shooting me dirty looks and mother's hurried their children past me. I know it's summer and that's all very well but I'm not prepared for this, I just want to buy a winter jacket and moan about it being too cold. It's so hot in the oven that is my bedroom that I can't even dance enthusiastically to Beyonce without perspiring an un-ladylike amount. (Run the World and Best Thing I Never Had are current favourites for bedroom dancing, you are welcome for that mental image.)


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