Monday, 29 August 2011

forgive me?

I know, I know; my blogging has been abhorrent. Once again I find myself full of empty promises about how regularly I will post and once again I have been tardy and inconsistent. The truth is since I started my new job I have been seriously busy, this has also coincided with the Edinburgh festival so in between working and being a social butterfly all I've really had time for is sleeping, and eating, naturally. As well as this blog I have also been seriously neglecting the gym and today I made my triumphant return with a Zumba class. I already feel a little sore so I'm taking that as a good sign. I always feel so inadequate at the gym; this is partially because I have no sporty gym bag (I am currently using the cloth bag that once housed the Mulberry) and mainly because I am inadequate. Just last week I went to the gym for a shower, (I am aware this makes me sound slightly like a gypsy but my boiler was broken,) so there I am dripping wet in just a towel trying to get into my locker and it will not open. Now I definitely had the right locker and I was definitely using the correct combination but the padlock had jammed itself shut. I had to wait around for someone else to come into the changing rooms and send them up to reception for help. I was pretty mortified when a girl came down from reception wielding an enormous pair of pliers and cut my padlock right off. This is the kind of shit that would only happen to me. Anyway, I have a few new bits and bobs to blog about over the next couple of days, right now I'm gonna paint my nails and watch some crap TV!


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  1. If you're not gonna blog, DON'T HAVE A BLOG?! It's kinda simple.