Wednesday, 8 September 2010


The title of tonight’s post is not an indication that I have finally found employment, sadly I remain jobless however I do love Dolly Parton. If pushed I would probably say Jolene is my favourite hit by the chesty songstress but it didn’t quite fit the theme of this entry.

Today I had what I deem to be a ‘productive’ day; I did some ironing, put on a wash, took out a wash, showered and still had time to sob uncontrollably at Channel 4’s midday repeat of season 2 of Brothers and Sisters. Being unemployed is both physically and emotionally draining. In the last week or so it has come to my attention that I do not like doing nothing, this came as quite a shock to me as I always believed a life of nothingness would be pure bliss. Perhaps a life doing nothing would only be enjoyable if I had an endless supply of money to fulfil my fantasies and fancies. At the moment I have resorted to carrying out household chores in exchange for pocket money.

My lack of income sadly means a lack of new things and my copious amount of time spent adding items to internet ‘wish lists’ is all in vain. Since returning home I have reworked the same five or six items of clothing, a Breton striped top, khaki skinny trousers, American Apparel denim shorts and grey oversized vest and my Topshop aviator jacket simply because everything else smells of damp courtesy of my old Aberdeen abode. I need new clothes like Spencer Pratt needs to see a healthcare profession and Victoria Beckham needs a hot dinner.

Tomorrow my day looks pretty full, I need to hoover the stairs and make cupcakes for my Mum’s work. Oh, and I should probably look for a proper job...

Denim Look Shorts, AMERICAN APPAREL £17
This TOPSHOP aviator style jacket (£58) is 'flying' off the rails.

Classic Chic. Breton top, Petit Bateau at URBAN OUTFITTERS £46

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