Thursday, 18 November 2010

about time too.

I know, I know, I am a sham of a person full of empty promises when it comes to updating this blog. I have been busy with other things but that is no excuse, like dancing on the podium in Liquid night club I gotta give the fans what they want. So here is a brief round up of my week; I dressed up as Boy George, I wore a top knot on a night out and ended up looking like a bald hunchback, I went to the theatre, I unsuccessfully hunted for Michelle McManus, I started the world's worst health kick in which I consumed a Nando's and a Domino's and I discovered how amazing Foals new album is. I live the life of an international superstar.

In case you were wondering I was dressed up as Boy George for my Uncle's 80's themed 40th birthday party, I had planned on going as Madonna but I thought that was an obvious choice. Sadly, I was one of three Boy George's and not only was I the only female attempting it I was also wearing all my own clothes. Thus imagine my horror when guests proceeded to approach me and comment on how uncanny the resemblance was, a fact which my Mother vehemently agreed with. Not exactly an ego boost. I do love dressing up though so I suppose my costume was a success however I doubt I caught the eye of the hot bar man.

Such a babe.

When I went on my shopping spree as detailed in last week's post I bought a brown faux leather top from Next which I had tried on before and found to be too small so this time I bought the bigger size. I really wanted it to be right but upon getting it home I realised that I had been caught up in the fitting room excitement of it all and in fact this one was too big. This was unfortunate but there is always a thrill about taking something back to the shop, it's almost as if you have licence to spend that money elsewhere. In this frame of mind I went to H&M, a shop which sometimes overwhelms me with the amount of rubbish it stocks however every once and a while I find a gem. On this occasion I was lucky.

As you may have gathered from this blog I have a love for all things leather, and pleather for that matter. If it looks like it may have come from an animal  then I am sold, odd considering up until a few months ago I was in fact a vegetarian. At the moment H&M is in leather look overdrive and I for one am delighted. When I spotted the simple black shift with the pleather panel on the front I was determined to make it mine even though the biggest size I could find was a medium. Thankfully it was a forgiving medium and I fell in love instantly. I cannot wait to wear it with a chunky gold chain, a look inspired by Olivia Palermo. Despite seeming like a total witch on The City I adore her and am highly flattered whenever anybody mentions a resemblance between us, her style is amazing.

My doppelganger. Or not.

Dress £24.99 H&M

Wow this is turning into a novel of a post but then again we did have a whole week's worth of inane chatter to catch up on. I will come to an end soon but first I want to remind everybody that there is a free Nails Inc polish with Glamour again this month. Nails Inc loves a promotional give away and for that I am grateful as I always feel guilty spending over a tenner on a nail varnish, not guilty enough not to keep doing it though, Anyway this time there are four colours to choose from and after a good fifteen minute deliberation in W H Smith at Glasgow Queen Street station I decided to go for what appeared to be a pink/coral colour. Upon trying it out at home I regretted this decision immensely; it took three coats of 'Warwick Avenue' before I got a solid colour and it wasn't a particularly nice colour at that. I should have been wary of something that was named after a Duffy song.

Also got this cute wee furry bag from H&M for only £14.99. Steal.

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