Monday, 1 November 2010

I nailed it.

Tonight I decided to paint my nails since as usual there was far more nail on show than varnish. Not content with just topping up my favourite Chanel Rouge Noir and inspired by a segment that I'd seen in this week's Look magazine I decided to give leopard print nails a go. The result is questionable, for some reason I thought I would take inspiration from Spring Summer 2011 and went for a neon base which unfortunately needed 3 coats just to be visible, the other colours are a little bogeyish in hindsight but it is just after Halloween so I'm gonna keep it for a couple of days. Next time I might try it with more traditional colours. On the subject of nail polish, I read in a magazine recently that Rimmel has a matte top coat at the moment so I intend to purchase that on payday in order to nail (see what I did there?) this season's biggest nail trend.

Sorry about the dodgy picture quality, apparently my camera doesn't like neon.

 This post hasn't been too exciting but I get paid on Thursday and intend to purchase some new goodies so prepare for a long and self indulgent post about my new buys! And, as promised here is a picture of me and my friends at Halloween:

Monster Munch, The Cat in the Hat and Oscar the Grouch!

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