Wednesday, 24 November 2010

i'm so heavy in your arms.

Dress (worn as top) H&M, Shorts TOPSHOP, Coat URBAN OUTFITTERS

So it's another 'Here's what I wore today', tediously bad photography and even worse facial expressions but at least I am working on my editing skills! I love this dress, it is amazingly baggy and scandalously short, so much so that I feel constantly exposed when I'm wearing it but it just so happens to make a nice top too. When I bought these shorts I said I wanted to wear them with everything yet before today they had only had one outing so I decided that leather was perfectly acceptable for day wear and put them on today. The only downside was that I had to take them off midway through my dinner (DELICIOUS tapas courtesy of Dad).
The coat is from Urban Outfitters this time last year and I adore it, it's the first winter coat I've ever had that didn't automatically make me feel 2 stone heavier just putting it on. The mannish shape is pretty flattering too, and I love navy.

I have to say I am currently harbouring a MAJOR bag crush. Like most sane people I am desperately longing for a Mulberry bag and have been for quite some time. What is not to love about the effortlessly chic Bayswater or the achingly hip Alexa, named after the queen of British cool Alexa Chung? And now, just to torture my meagre back balance further Mulberry has brought out another beauty, the Edie. A cross between the Alexa and the Bayswater I have been having dreams about this piece of hand luggage, I need it in my life. But, until I win the lottery or get myself one of those mythical 'real jobs' I'll have to make do with my trusty Marks and Spencer's handbag, full of crumbs and adorned with broken zips.

The beautiful Edie Campbell with the beautiful Mulberry Edie (Small)