Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What I wore today.

My friend Morven who has an ace blog and is totes a major babe has told me she wants me to do outfit posts so here is my mediocre attempt. I only had time to take these photos as my Dad kindly gave me a lift to work as I was really running late so this is exactly what I was wearing today. The picture quality is rubbish and my makeshift tripod consisted of my desk and sewing box but I thought I'd test the waters. Ignore the state of my room, and the hideous look on my face, I am off to have a scone and watch The Apprentice.

BARBOUR quilted jacked, H&M belt, PRIMARK Jeans and very old boots from SCHUH.

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  1. yayyyyyyyy! i love this <3 xxx SEE YOU ON SATURDAY! (We are going to the charity shops in stockbridge in the morn if you care to join :) )xxx