Tuesday, 2 November 2010

what katie did...

Well it's finally here, Kate Moss's last collection for Topshop hit the shops and the world wide web today and I am actually quite impressed.  It's hard to believe that this is her 14th collection and I have to admit that somewhere between the second and third lot I simply stopped paying attention. The debut range caused quite a stir and after being previewed in all of the glossies everybody had their eye on one of the 'key' pieces and unashamedly I did too. I needed the yellow pansy print playsuit, if I didn't have it my life would not have been worth continuing and thankfully I stumbled into Topshop Aberdeen the day they got their first replenishment delivery. I loved that playsuit, no wait I STILL love that playsuit; it fits well, it looks great and like Miss Moss herself it's timeless. It's no wonder that this time round Kate has re-released some of her most iconic and popular pieces.

Of course there were some major flaws in Kate's clothes. Because items are inspired by things in the model's own wardrobe there tends to be a pretty obvious theme; everything is made to look good on a supermodel. Backless, low cut and sheer are all major players, not great when you are a healthy size 12/14 with an ample bosom. And while the heavily embellished and sequin items are beautiful they are very expensive and not necessarily the most practical pieces. Moss's bohemian style while perfect for her doesn't necessarily translate that well for the masses either and this meant that often the less popular pieces were relegated to the bargain bin, not that I am complaining as I picked this gem up last winter.

This collection I think is a fitting way for Kate to end her collaboration with chum Phillip Green; she has used a variety of fabrics and silhouettes and there is an excellent selection of casual garments alongside the lavish party wear. And of course it all reeks unmistakeably of Moss. Whilst wearing these clothes doesn't turn you into one of the world's biggest supermodels it's about as close as most of us will get. Kate Moss remains a style icon and we are simply sheep.

I want this 'Iconic' Panther Dress (£100) but it's already sold out!

Sheepskin Bomber (£250)
Gorgeous Velvet and Lace Shorts (£60)

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