Tuesday, 30 November 2010

broguish charm.

I seem to have acquired two pairs of  new shoes this week and you may notice a theme, I love brogues. In my opinion brogues are the perfect combination of masculine and pretty and they are so versatile. Although I don't think I need to justify these purchases as in real life they are actual very different; the top pair were a Primark bargain at just £12 and have a small stacked heel whereas the second pair are boots, they are lovely soft leather and they have the least sensible snow sole ever, unfortunate in Edinburgh's current white out. Ah well all this snow is giving me the chance to break out my Rockness Hunter wellies again.

The third picture is my new favourite purchase (Jumper, £46 TOPSHOP) and the picture doesn't do it justice. The delicate crochet and bronze embellishment will make it a perfect alternative to the woolly Rudolph Christmas jumper plus it will look great over a bikini top in the summer months. Definitely going to be featuring this bad boy in a few outfit posts. This entry is a little bland but it's late on a Monday night and I think the arctic weather conditions are freezing my brain, I'm off to catch up with Misfits on 4OD. What did we actually do before TV on demand and Sky+?

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